Rutuparna Hota

Blogger, Taste-maker

Odisha, India

Hi , I am Rutuparna, a fun loving and  foodie girl. Also wife of a caring husband and “Ladlee” of a strong Papa and beautiful angel like Mom.

Since my childhood I loved to try foods of different tastes. Love for food, I think is in my gene as both of my parents are great foodies as well as cooks. I used to try different dishes at home when I was permitted to use my Mom’s kitchen. Because it is well known that homemade food is always accepted as best. Though I am an MBA graduate, I did not opt for any full time job, as I want to satisfy my innate aptitude i.e. cooking- to feed others & make them enjoy the dishes prepared by me. I get thrilled when I see an expression of satisfaction on their face.

Gradually my husband who always stands behind me as a pillar of support, other family members and friends who inspired me to go forward in this line suggested me to start my own website or blog, as this platform will help me to share my innate quality with others.I always try to use those ingrediants which are easily available in the market.

My dear friends, I may say this much that I am not a chef by profession, rather a housewife who has learnt something from my parents. So here I am sharing my knowledge with you all to satisfy my cooking passion and I will be more satisfied if I can help you to try these dishes and share your valuable feedback.


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