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Chicken Malai Tikka

Updated: May 2, 2018

A Lip’s smacking Chicken recipe

Chicken malai tikka originated in the Punjab region in the Indian sub-continent. It is mostly popular in India & Pakistan. Basically it is small pieces of bone less chicken baked using skewers after marinating in some mild spices, yogurt, cream & cheese. You can called it as a boneless version of Tandoori chicken. Chicken malai tikka can be a best option for those who don’t like spicy foods. Now a days, in our home chicken malai tikka is too common as it is bone less & not spicy too, as my hubby & myself don’t like spicy food.

Preparation Time: 2~2.5 hours

Cooking Time: 15~20 min

Total Time: Approx 3 hours


Bone less chicken cube -500 gm

Lemmon juice - 1tbsp

Salt to taste

Black pepper/white pepper- 1/4th tsp

Ginger garlic paste - 1 tbsp

Coriander leaves - 6~7 strand

Green Chili -2 Numbers

Cardamom Powder- 1 pinch(5~6 cardamom)

Nutmeg Powder (JaiPhal) - 1/4th tsp

Thick Yogurt -2~3 tbsp

Fresh Cream -3 tbsp

Corn flour - 1tbsp

Cheese -2 cubes grated (40gm)

Oil -1 tbsp


Step 1:

For making chicken malai tikka marination is done with 2 phases.


Wash the bone less chicken cubes, remove all excess water & make it dry, otherwise the marination will be watery.

crush the corriender leaves and green chili

Add lemon juice, salt to taste, ginger garlic paste, coriander leaves & green chili and mix it well. Keep it for 30~40 min. This helps to tender the chicken.

Phase- 2: After 1st phase of marination add cream, yogurt, cheese, black pepper powder, nutmeg powder, cardamom powder, corn flour, oil & mix well. Marinate it for 1~2 hour.

Step 2:

Pre heat the oven for 10 minute in combination mode (Convection + Grill ) or only in convection mode at 200 degree Celsius.

Step 3:

After the marination, thread the chicken cubes into the skewers. If you don’t want to use skewers, then brush the microwave tray with some oil & put the chicken cubes on it.

Step 4:

Set the timer for 15~16 min and turn them in between and brush some oil or butter. Or you can set timer for 7~8 min then brush some butter, turn them & again set timer for 7~8 min. After that check whether the chickens are cooked or not. The cooking time may vary slightly from oven to oven, so for better result check after 15 min by using a fork whether it is done or not. If not then set timer for another 2~3 min, but never cook for a longer period otherwise the chicken will turn hard and you will not able to get juicy chicken tikka.

Step 5:

Your chicken tikka is ready now, but when we make it in oven we will not able to get the roasted structure as we get in tandoor. To get the texture put the skewer with chicken on a wire roaster (papad roaster) and slightly roast them by rotating the skewer on gas stove. If you are using metal skewer then you can directly roast them on gas stove by slightly rotating them.

Lastly brush some butter on top & your chicken malai tikka is ready to be serve. For better taste put some cream on top of tikka & gently mix it.

Enjoy !

Note: If you are using bamboo skewer you need to soak the skewer in water for half an hour to prevent burning.

Nutritional Information per 100 grams :

Energy : 171 calories

Protein : 20.1 gm

Fat : 8.6 gm

Carbohydrates : 3.6 gm

Fibre : 0.7 gm

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