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Enduri Pitha

A traditional ,unique & flavorfull pitha of Odisha

Enduri pitha is one of the most popular pitha of Odisha. This pitha is made from a batter of black gram & rice flour with a stuffing of coconut,jaggery/sugar,black pepper & cardamom. The batter is then wrapped with turmeric leaves & steamed. The uniqueness & the main attraction of the pitha lies in the aroma of turmeric leaves.

Enduri pitha is mostly prepared during Prathamastami. Prathamastami is celebrated for the life & prospority of the eldest child of the family. On this occasion the eldest child is given new cloth, and then the mother or any elder lady wish him/her long life & good health.

Prathamastami & enduri pitha both are incomplete without turmeric leaves. People who stays in Odisha will get no problem in finding turmeric leaves, but for people who are not staying in Odisha may get some difficulty in finding turmeric leaves as you will not get these leaves in local market.

As we are not staying in our home town because of job, It was pretty sure that I will not get turmeric leaves here. So I planted turmeric plant at my balcony to celebrate this festival, because without food every festival is incomplete and this pitha is one of my absolute favorite . If you do not able to find turmeric leaves you can prepare this by using banana leaves. But the taste will be different as the uniqueness lies in the aroma of turmeric leaves. So today I am going to share with you this unique receipe of Odisha.

Soaking time : 5~6 hr

Fermentation time : 6~7 hr

Preparation Time: 15 min

Cooking Time: 10~12 minute for each batch


For batter

  • Black gram - 1 cup

  • Rice - 2~2.5 cup

  • Fenugreek seed/methi seed - 1/2 tsp

  • Salt to taste

For stuffing

  • Grated coconut - 1

  • Sugar - aprox 4 tbsp or as per taste

  • Black pepper - 1 tsp

  • Green cardamom - 6~7

  • Black cardamom - 1/2 (use only seed) optional


Step 1

Soak rice & black gram separately . Soak methi seed with black gram .

Step 2

After 5~6 hr make a paste of both. The rice paste should be slightly coarse .Mix both the batter together .The consistancy is like idli batter .

Step 3

Keep the batter in warm place for 6~7 hr for formentation . The batter will rise up so the pitha will be soft . After that add salt to prepare pitha .If you do not want to ferment you can add some soda & directly prepare pitha .

Step 4

Now for the stuffing heat a kadai on low flame and add grated coconut.Mak a powder of black pepper & cardamom. Add sugar & prepared powder to grated coconut .Mix well til sugar disolve. The stuffing is now ready.

Step 5

Now for steaming the pitha ,in a idli maker or steamer add some water & let it boil . Make sure do not add too much of water , water should not touch the mould .

Step 6

When water is boiling prepare the pitha for steaming .Grease some oil on the mould, you can also use idli mould .

Step 7

Wash the turmeric leaf properly & cut both end .

Make two half from middle of the leaf .

Take one half of the leaf and spread some batter.

Apply good amount of stuffing & spread it slightly .

Now fold the leaf horizontally .

Step 8

In this way prepare it and keep it inthe mould

Step 9

Place it in the steamer or idli maker & cover it .

Steam it for 12 minute on medium flame & then switch off the flame .

Rest it for 5 more minute & open the lid .Now the pitha are ready .

Now enduri pitha is ready to be served .Remove the leaf & enjoy the delicious flavorfull pitha.

Enjoy !

Nutritional Information per 50 gm : Energy : 127 calories Protein : 3.6 gm Fat : 2.0 gm Carbohydrates : 23.7 gm Fibre : 1.5 gm If you like the recipe, please share with family & friends .

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