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Instant rice flour uttapam

A quick & easy to make breakfast / snacks recipe

Rice flour uttapam is easy to make and healthy recipe which can be prepared within few time and with the ingredients which are commonly available in our refrigerator .For making this you don't need to prepare the batter or ferment it from previous night. This can be a great option for our busy schedule life .

Preparation time: 15~20 min

Cooking time: 15~20 min

Total time: 30 ~ 40 min

Ingredients (for 6~7 uttapam)

  • Rice flour- 2 cup

  • Semolina -1 cup

  • curd -1 cup

  • onion finely chopped - 1 big size

  • capsicum green & yellow (bell pepper)- 2 table spoon. You can use only green capsicum

  • carrot (grated) - 1/2 cup

  • tomato chopped - 1medium size

  • coriander leave chopped

  • green chilli chopped -2 no.

  • salt to taste

  • cumin seed -1/2 teaspoon

  • baking soda - 1/4 teaspoon

  • water- approx 2 cup or you can adjust

  • oil for cooking

The amount of veggies you can adjust according to your choice & preferences.


step 1

Make a thick batter by mixing rice flour , semolina ,curd ,baking soda &water. keep it aside for 15-20 minute so that semolina can able to soak water.

Step 2

chop the veggies

step 3

Add the veggies ,cumin seed & salt with the batter .

Step 4

Mix well

Step 5

Heat a dosa pan or any other pan in which you prepare dosa or uttapam. Grease some oil and put some batter on the pan and spread it evenly in a round shape. put some oil on top of it.

step 6

Cover it and cook it on low to medium flame for few minute. The colour of the uttapam will slightly change on top .

Step 7

Now flip it and cook it on the other side for few second.

Now your uttapam is ready to be served. You can enjoy your uttapam with your favourite chutney or sambar .

Enjoy !

Nutritional Information per serving :

Energy : 226 calories

Protein : 5.2 gm

Fat : 8.7 gm

Carbohydrates :31.7 gm

Fibre : 2.6 gm

If you like the recipe, please share with family & friends.

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