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Kesar Badam Kulfi

A delicious Indian frozen desert

Kulfi is a popular frozen dairy desert from the Indian subcontinent. It is often described as traditional Indian ice-cream prepared by concentrate milk with added sugar , nuts & flavors . Kulfi is very much popular in India among all age group , especialy during summer due to its refreshing & delightful taste and distinctive flavor . Kulfi differs from other ice-cream because it is richer in taste and more solid and dense in texture.

Ingredients: (for 3 kulfi)

  • Full fat milk -1/2 ltr (500ml)

  • Sugar- As per taste

  • Cardamom powder -4 no. of cardamom

  • Chopped almond & cashew - 1 tbsp

  • Safron - A pinch

  • Isabgol -1/2 tsp

  • Rose water-Few drop


Step 1

Heat milk in a heavy bottom pan and let it boil. Simmer the flame and stir it occasionally.

Step 2

When milk reduced to 3/4th of it's original quantity. Add saffron to it and mix well

Step 3

Add in sugar & cardamom powder, Mix well.

Step 4

Add in chopped nuts. And let it reduce to 1/2 of its original quantity.

Step 5

Add in rose water

Step 6

Switch off the flame & add isabgul. Isabgul works as a stabilizer. It helps to produce gel like structure and provide a smooth body and texture.A perfect gel prevents the growth of ice crystals during freezing .

Step 6

Let the mixture cool down completely and then pour it in the kulfi mould.If you do not have this kind of kulfi mould you can use normal ice-cream mould or any small size steel glass and cover it.Make sure you cover it tightly.If you are using steel glass, cover it with the help of aluminium foil and secure it tightly with a rubber band.

Step 7

Freeze them for at least 8 -10 hr.If you are using this kind of mould make sure to use a container to hold it straight. After freezing of 1 hr stir it once with the help of a spoon so that nuts will mix properly.

Step 8

After freezing complitely remove it from the freezer and insert a icecream stick gently and slowly remove it from the mould. You can garnish it with some additional nuts on top and serve it .

Enjoy !

Note - The number of kulfi may varry depanding upon the size of the mould.

Nutritional Information per piece :

Energy : 226 calories

Protein : 7.1 gm

Fat : 12.3 gm

Carbohydrates :14.4 gm

Fibre : 0.7 gm

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