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A mouth mealting sweet dish of Odisha

Different region have their own uniqueness & speciality in food & culture . It depends on the climetic conditions , availability of products & many more factors . When it comes to Odisha , people of Odisha are very much sweet lover, especially milk or milk bi product releated sweet like chena poda ,chena jhili, khira sagar ,rasabali etc. You will find lots of road side chena (cottage cheese) shop in Odisha .

Rasabali is a deep fried flattened reddish brown chenna/cottage cheese/farmer cheese patties soaked in slightly thickened flavoured milk but the consistancy is not like rabri.Rasabali is a signature dish of Kendrapara district of Orissa .It is one of the chapana bhoga of Puri Jagannath temple & specially offered to Baladevjew in Baladevjew temple of Kendrapara . Today I am going to share with you the mouth mealting sweet of Odisha : A great contribution Of Kendrapara to Odia cuisine .

Preparation time: 15 ~20 min

Cooking Time: Aprox 1 hour

Total time: Aprox 1 hr 20 min


For chena patties

  • Full fat milk - 1 ltr

  • Vinegar - 2~3 tbsp

  • All purpose flour - 1 tbsp

  • Powder sugar - 1 tbsp

  • Baking soda - 1.5~2 pinch

  • Green cardamom - 3~4 crushed

For flavoured milk

  • Full fat milk - 1 ltr

  • Normal sugar - 5 ~6 tbsp or as per taste

  • Green cardamom powder - 3


Step 1

Boil 1 ltr milk in a pan

When it comes to rolling boil keep the flame on low and let the milk reduce to 1/4 of the quantity .

Step 2

At the same time in another pan boil another 1 ltr milk. When it comes to a rolling boil switch off the flame .

Add vinegar gradualy and stir continiously. within 1~2 minute milk solid & whey water will separate.

Step 3

Strain it with the help of a strainer,& rinse it on running water to remove the vinegar taste.

Step 4

Now press it with the help of your hand & remove all excess water. No need to make it complitely dry.

Step 5

Now add cardamom powder,powder sugar,soda,all purpose flour with chena/cottage cheese .

Step 6

With the heels of your palm mash the chhena and knead until smooth .

divide them in 2 equal portion & roll them and divide them in to small lemon size ball .

Step 7

Make smooth ball & flaten them .

Make a hole in the center with the help of your finger or else u can use back side of a pen or pencil .Make sure to smooth the edge.

This way prepare all patties . Making a hole helps to absorve milk properly .

Step 8

In betwen check the consistancy of the milk and add sugar & crushed or powdered cardmom. Let the milk reduce slight more . Aprox 1/4 ~1/2 .But not more then 1/2.Milk should not be too much thick.

Step 9

In a kadai heat oil ,when oil is hot enough keep the flame low. Make sure oil should not be too much hot.Add chena patties in to the oil .

Do not add too many at a time .

Fry them till redish brown,do not fry more .Keep aside .

Step 10

After frying all patties dunk them in to the thickened flavoured milk .

Cook on low flame for 3~4 min & switch off the flame .

Cover it & let the chena petties soak milk properly for 1 hour .

After 1 hour you can see chena patties soak the milk properly,And now milk will also slightly thick .

Now Rasabali is ready,you can keep it for some time in fridge & serve or you can serve at room temperature.

Enjoy !

Nutritional Information per 40 gm :

Energy : 82 calories

Protein : 2.1 gm

Fat : 4.4 gm

Carbohydrates : 8.8 gm

Fibre : 0.1 gm

If you like the recipe, please share with family & friends .

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