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Rose Sandesh

A mouthwatering Bengali sweet recipe

Sandesh is a popular sweet from Bengal which is prepared with chenna (cottage cheese) Sandesh is much healthier than any other sweet recipe, because for making sandesh we do not need any oil or ghee.If you want to make sandesh more healthier you can add sugar free(sugar substitute) .For making sandesh we do not need much ingredient and very quick to prepare.Sandesh can be prepared with many flavors. Today I am going to share with you Rose flavor Sandesh.

Preparation time:20~25 min

Cooking Time: 10 min

Total time: 30 ~35 min


  • Full fat milk - 1.5 ltr

  • Powder sugar- 4 tbsp/as per taste

  • Rose sharbat/syrup- 1.5 tbsp

  • Rose water- 1/2 tsp

  • Vinegar- 3~3.5 tbsp

  • Pistachios- 7~8


Step 1

Boil milk in a pan

Step 2

When it comes to rolling boil switched off the flame .

Step 3

Add vinegar gradualy and stir continiously. within 1~2 minute milk solid & whey water will separate.

Step 4

Transfer it to another dish having muslin cloth.

Step 5

Rinse it on running water to remove the vinegar taste.Squeeze it properly to drain all water. You can hang it for 15~20 minute. Now transfer the chenna to a clean surface or plate.

Step 6

Add powder sugar,rose water,rose sharbat & mix well.

Step 7

With the heels of your palm mash the chenna and knead

There should not be any lumps. It must be very smooth in texture.

Step 8

In a nonstick pan or heavy bottom pan cook it for 4 ~5 minute by continiously mixing it.The flame should be on lowest,otherwise the chena will crumble.

Step 9

Now let the chena cool down . when the chenna still little bit warm knead it again until smooth. Now make small balls of it by pressing it with your palm. Place few chopped pistachios in the center and press it with your thumb. Sorry i just forgot to take pictures of the step.Will add it later.

Now Rose Sandesh is ready.Keep it in refrigerator for 1~2 hour to set and then serve.

Enjoy !

(Note-If mixture turns crumbly ,grind the mixture for few second and then make sandesh. But make sure not to grind it for along time,otherwise it will be like a paste.)

Nutritional Information per piece/22 gm : Energy :69 calories Protein : 2.7 gm Fat : 3.2 gm Carbohydrates : 7.4 gm Fibre : 0.0 gm If you like the recipe, please share with family & friends .

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