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Sweet & Sour Fish

A very popular dish of China

The term sweet & sour encompasses many styles of sauce,cuisine & cooking method. It is commonly used in China,it has been used in England since the Middle Ages, and remain popular in Europe & in the Americas. Children will also love the dish because of its refreshing taste, with a combination of bell pepper,onion,tomato & pineapple cubes.

Preparation time: 15 min

Cooking Time: Approx 20 min

Total time: 35 min


  • Fish fillet- 300 ~350 grm( here I am using basa fish)

  • Green bell pepper- 1cut in cubes

  • Onion-1 cut in cubes

  • Tomato- 1 cut in to cubes & removev the seeds

  • Finely chopped garlic- 2 big clove

  • Pinaple cubes- 8~9

  • Plum- 1 small

  • Tomato sauce- 2 tbsp

  • Red chilli sauce- 1 tbsp

  • Vinegar- 1 tsp

  • Sugar- 1 tsp

  • Salt to taste

  • Corn flour- 2 tbsp

  • All purpose flour- 1 tbsp

  • Black pepper powder -1/4 tsp

  • Grated ginger juice- 1 tsp(1/2 inch)

  • Oil for cooking


Step 1

Wash the fish fillet pieces properly & remove all excess water.

Step 2

Add corn flour,all purpose flour, black pepper powder, salt.

Add ginger juice & mix well.Ginger juice helps to remove the fishy smell .Marinate for 15 minute.

Step 3

Now at that time prepare all ingredient.

Make a puree /paste of the plum.I just simply grate it. Aprox 1 ~1.5 tbsp.

Step 4

With the plum paste add tomato sauce & red chilli sauce .keep aside.

Step 5

Now heat some oil in a pan/ kadai and fry the fish on medium flame till nice & crisp.

Step 6

Now remove all excess oil & keep only 1~2 tsp oil.

Step 7

keep the flame on low ~medium and add chopped garlic & saute it for few second. Do not brown it complitly.

Step 8

Add onion & capsicum & saute it. do not make it soft.

Step 9

Add pineapple cubes & tomato.Saute it till the pineapple become slight soft,not much soft.

Step 10

Add some water in the sauce mixture and add it.

Step 11

Add some more water ,vinegar,sugar in the sauce mixture. Now make a corn flour solution by adding 1/4 ~1/2 tsp corn flour and some water. Pour the solution into it to thicken the gravy. At this stage you can taste the sauce and adjust little bit according to your taste. As the sauce already contain salt its not needed but if you want yon can add some salt.

Step 12

Finialy add the fried fis & mix well. You can adjust the consistancy according to your choice.

Now sweet & sour fish is ready to be served.Serve it immediately after preparing. You can fry the fish before,chop all things required & at the time of serving prepare sauce mixture and make it quickly.

Enjoy !

Nutritional Information per 150 gm :

Energy :179 calories

Protein : 9.5 gm

Fat : 7.1 gm

Carbohydrates : 20.0 gm

Fibre : 1.0 gm

If you like the recipe, please share with family & friends .

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