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Virgin Mint Mojito

A refreshing non alcoholic summer drink

Virgin mint mojito is a popular non alcoholic summer drink with a combination of sweetness, citrus, and mint flavor.

Ingredients: (for two servings)

  • Soda water

  • Mint leaves

  • Powder suggar - 2 tsp on each glass or as per taste

  • Mint candy/polo - 1 for 300 ml

  • Ice cube

  • lemon - 1


Step 1

Make a fine powder of mint candy with the help of a mortar and pestle. Add in the glass

Step 2

Gently muddle some mint leaves & 1 lemon (cut into 4 pieces) and add in the glass.

Step 3

Add powder sugar.

Step 4

Add ice cubes.

Step 5

Add soda water & stir gently.

Now virgin mint mojito is ready to be served.

Enjoy !

Nutritional Information per piece :

Energy : 101 calories

Protein : 0.1 gm

Fat : 0.0 gm

Carbohydrates :4.4 gm

Fibre : 0.1 gm

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